It should be a smooth and gradual process that mimics how your car gradually stops as well, not too slow and not too abrupt either. This part of the process is known as the leverage and hydraulics components because the leverage of your foot pedal causes the pressure shift of the fluid to multiply the pressure of your foot and slow the vehicle. Friction in brake repair refers to the process of the pressure of the brake pad applied to the spinning disc. Next is the booster with the attached master cylinder that initiate the combo valve which cause the brake lines to release brake fluid to the individual stopping devices which are actually located at each wheel. Brake repair is just a part of auto care because all of the components have to be monitored and cared for in order for the entire process to work effectively from foot pedal application through the vehicle actually coming to a stop. This is why the pads gradually wear down over time a lot of pressure is needed to slow the spinning and the weight of the vehicle as a result. The pedal has to be sensitive to your leg and foot pressure but not stiff to the point of delayed response or loose to the point of floor leveling just to get the car to start to slow down. Next is the friction process.. In all mechanical devices that require a stopping system, they utilize varying degrees of leverage, hydraulics and friction in order to multiply the presser you’ve applied from your internal pedal to gradually bring four tons of car traveling upwards of an average of 65 miles an hour to a gradual stop or an emergency stop. Your car Tennis Rackets Suppliersneeds every piece of your braking system to function smoothly otherwise it cannot stop your car as gradually or effectively as needed. Brake repair is often required because of a grinding down of the friction components such as the brake pads, and occasionally warped discs due to collisions, for example.Brake repair is the mending or replacement procedure for the mechanical or hydraulic processes of stopping your vehicle in a timely manner. This repetitive action wears at the connection between the various leverage and friction components that follow your foot’s command each time. So from the first stage of pedal application to the complete stop of your vehicle has to be assessed when your vehicle requires extensive brake repair. Periodically the brake fluid will have to be replaced as condensation or other contaminants cause it to rust or a leak causes it to not function at its necessary level to reach the wheels.